Permanent hair removal for both dark and blond hair (2)

Nowadays unwanted hair can be removed permanently. At Ihoakatemia, we use the novel Elōs Technology. This technology combines optical energy (the laser and light) and bi-polar radiofrequency. This combination enables to get better results than using any of these treatment modalities alone.  The treatment is effective and close to pain-free. The treatment is also effective (50-80%) for blond hair, unlike common laser technologies.

The treatment affects the hair in their growth stage.  During treatment some hair will be in a resting period of the growth cycle, this is why three or more treatment sessions are usually required. Although You will notice the effect already after first treatment. If the area is very hairy, the hair is blond or the skin is dark, more than five treatment sessions maybe required. The Hormones can also increase the hair growth. The treatment is planned by the Dermatologist.

The first treatment sessions on the face and facial area will be done in every 4-6 weeks, body in 8-10 weeks and the lower limbs in 12-15 weeks. The treatment need varies depending of the growth of the hair and only the areas of growth will be treated on subsequent sessions. The frequency of subsequent treatments will also reduce over time.

Tanning and tanning lotions should not be used for two weeks before laser hair removal. The procedure is not recommended to perform on strongly tanned skin.

Hair removal such as plucking, waxing, sugaring and mechanical epilation should not be done for 6 weeks prior to treatment.  Cutting and shaving is allowed.

Elōs hair removal is not suitable if you have a pacemaker, defibrillator and it is not recommended during pregnancy and breast feeding.