Skin Laser Treatments (2)

Nasal superficial blood vessels Nasal superficial blood vessels

Nasal superficial blood vessels before and after

We use the newest Laser technology here at Ihoakatemia. Our laser treatment is almost pain free and no sick leave is required. The laser equipment at the clinic is safe and effective and the treatment result is natural. Our treatments does not cause the deep burns and therefore there is no risk of burn-related abnormal pigmentation. The laser treatment is also often combined with Mesotherapy which rehydrates the skin giving the skin a brighter complexion and it has a firming and wrinkle smoothing effect on the skin.

Skin Laser treatment is used for:

  • Skin rejuvenation and firming (e.g. face, neck, decolte area and stomach)
  • Skin resurfacing and Scar Treatment
  • Skin renewal and treatment of pigmentation spots
  • Wrinkle treatment
  • Treatment of facial thread veins and couperosa
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Spider veins and small thread veins on legs
  • Acne and Rosacea
  • Hair removal (both dark and blond hair)
  • Removal of Moles and Superficial Skin Lesions
  • Removal of Warts

In order to achieve the best results, the Dermatologist will make you an individual treatment plan. Depending on your individual circumstance and the area covered, visual results can be seen after 2-5 treatment sessions.