PDT Photorejuvenation (2)

Photodynamic treatment has been a medical treatment used for the sun damaged skin and precancerous lesions. It combines photostimulating agent and a specific light source without UV rays.

The PDT treatment has also skin rejuvenating effect. A special skin rejuvenation method has been developed. It improves skin colour and texture, reduces dark spots, wrinkles, and a loss of glow, face and neck slackening and lack of elasticity. 

The treatment can be used for a face, neck, decolte and hands. 

PDT is a comfortable and easy treatment for the patient. The treatment is given once a month and a session lasts about 1,5 hours. Most of treatments are scheduled for 4-6 session and maintainance therapy is continued 1-2 times a year. 

After the session the skin may have a light erythema lasting from some hours to some days. Make-up cosmetics can be used straight after the procedure.