CO2 Fractioned Laser Treatment (2)

Carbon dioxide laser has been used for scar repair and treating wrinkles for a long time now. In the past co2 treatment has been painful and required anaesthesia and painkillers. Due to thermal effects the recovery time has lasted for over two weeks. The treatment also had a high risk of causing pigmentation disorders. Co2 on the other hand, has made it possible to treat effectively even the deeper scars and wrinkles. Co2 laser is ideal in treating superficial moles, changes in the skin and treating warts.

Ihoakatemia has taken in use a new generation co2 fractioned laser device. The new laser ensures gentle and safe yet very effective treatment. It is suitable in treating wrinkles, even the deep ones, and its used for treating deep acne scars. The treatment is almost pain free; anaesthetic cream can be applied on the skin, when necessary. Redness and skin flaking occurs 3-7 days after the treatment, makeup foundation can be used from the following day onwards. After removing a mole with co2 laser, small scab occurs. The scab will fall off and heeling occurs in two weeks.