Help for all cosmetic and skin-related problems


Ihoakatemia is a Clinic of Aesthetic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, situated in the City Center of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. We have expertise in all Cosmetic and Skin related problems and our Consultants are well known specialists in their field of practice.

In Ihoakatemia we offer our patients high standard, researched and safe treatments, where post treatment recovery time is minimal. We have a wide range of up to date treatment options available and we use brand new equipment in our Clinic setting. The surgical procedures requiring General Anesthetic are performed in a separate modern surgery unit situated in Helsinki City Centre.

In Ihoakatemia the patients get individualized care and the partnership between our Consultants ensures the best results are achieved. Our patients get the advantage of combining the  non-surgical and surgical treatment options. Consultants are always personally in charge of their patient care.

Marge Uibu

Marge Uibu

Consultant in Dermatology and Allergology
Chief Physician

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Medical Facelift course, Ihoakatemia 2014
Medical Facelift course, Ihoakatemia 2014
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