Surgical Procedures

In Ihoakatemia you can find help for all issues concerning your appearance.  The surgical procedures are done by Plastic Surgeons who have a wealth of experience in Cosmetic Surgery. Procedures done under local anesthetic are performed at the clinic. Procedures requiring General Anesthetic are performed in a modern operating department unit located very close to Ihoakatemia clinic. You will receive individualized and patient centered care during your stay.  Giving our patient comprehensive care and protecting their privacy is very important to us. The procedures carried out in the Unit are always performed by Our Plastic Surgeons and they are also assisted by a Nurse from Ihoakatemia clinic. The same team will also provide the removal of sutures and after care.

You are welcome to come and discuss any issues you maybe concerned about. Consultation with a nurse is free of charge. The actual cost of treatment is determined by the Consultant Plastic Surgeon.