Hairloss is seen in both men and women, but is most common in middle aged men. The most important reasons for hairloss are age, hormones and the genes. Hairloss is usually a continuing process. There are many reasons for hairloss but most common is androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness  that is to with malehormones. Androgenic  hairloss can be seen in women too. Genetic backround is relevant for early hairloss.

Many drugs also cause hairloss. These are over use of vitamin A, drugs for epilepsy, contraception tablets and anticoagulants (Marevan).  Illnesses also cause hairloss. Over active or under active thyroid glands, iron and zink deficiency, radiotherapy, malnutrition and cancer cause problems with hair growth. During these illnesses, hairloss is exceptionally fast. Very sudden hairloss is cause by severe infection, severe stress or giving birth. In these instances hair tends to grow back.

It is important to start treatment at an early stage of hairloss to ensure better outcome. The treatment process will start by investigating any functional problems in the body and illnesses that may be causing the hairloss. Any rash on the scalp is treated too.

Minoksidil solution is used for hairloss in the male. It was originally used as a blood pressure drug, but it was taken out of use due to it causing significant hair growth. The way this drug affects hair growth is still unknown.

Prescription drug Finasteride has a affect on testosterones metabolism and is usually used, bigger doses of finasteride are also used in treating enlarged prostategland.  Other prescription drugs are used rarely.