Acne Scar Treatments

Nowadays acne can be treated efficiently before scars develop. It is important to treat acne, before starting scar treatment. There are several procedures available for the treatment of acne scars depending on their severity. Superficial acne scars can be treated with laser treatment, no anesthetic or time of work is required. Deeper acne scars can be treated with fractional carbondiokside laser or radiofrequence combined laser treatment using local anesthetic cream.

Chemical peel, also done by dermatologist, is another good way of treating deeper acne scars. Mechanical abration of the scars can be combined with chemical peel when needed. This is a very economical treatment but does require time of work/recovery time for approx. 1 week. Scars can also be treated with mesotherapy and scar needletherapy, these treatments are pain free.  Deeper scars can also be filled with patients own fat or body tissue. All treatment are done under local anesthetic, general anesthesia is not required.