Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

Ihoakatemia is the first clinic in Finland to offer mesotherapy for hair loss.  The treatment stops hair loss and induces hair regain. Special injector device is used at Ihoakatemia, the device makes the treatment pain free and pleasent. Cosmetic ingredient is used during treatment; it increases hair growth, stimulates the hair follicles and increases blood circulation to the treated area. The needle injections themselves have a positive effect as in facial area mesotherapy treatment.

The treatments helps to stop hair loss and regain new hair. The treatment is best to start as early as possible; the treatment may not work if the area is completely bald. Mesotherapy is suitable for both men and women. It does not require time off work, you may have a treatment session during your lunch break.

Mesotherapy is done once a week for 3-4 month period and from then on, as required. Treatment sessions can be combined with Mesoroller home treatment. The treatment does not necessarily work for alopecia.

The first step to start treatment program is to arrange consultation appointment with dermatologist. Dermatologist examines scalp and hair and possible causes and reasons for hair loss will be discussed and examined during consultation.