ULTRAcel Therapy


Since 2015 we have used a contemporary device ULTRAcel, that combines INTRAcel radiofrequency-microneedling with high-intensity microfocused ultrasound (HIFU). The new combination treatment allows us to target both skin surface as well as the deeper level targeted in surgical facelift. The results of the combination treatment have been very promising. It tightens both skin and subcutaneous tissue. In addition to the face, the new method allows us to tighten double chin, neck, decollete, elbows and thighs.

INTRAcel longterm results 2011-2015

Ihoakatemia enne ja parast 4 1

Before treatments.

Ihoakatemia enne ja parast 4 2

Eventhough 5 years have gone by, the look is much more youthful than before. The nasolabial fold has decreased as the cheek area has been tightened. The wrinkles have been reduced and eyebrows lifted without aid from botuline toxine.


HIFU-treatment can be used as well without radiofrequency treatment. In contrast to many HIFU treatments, the procedure is painless in Ihoakatemia.

Results of ULTRAcel treatment, before and 6 months

Ihoakatemia enne ja parast 3 1

March  2015

Ihoakatemia enne ja parast 3 2

October 2015
1. Eyebrows have been lifted as the forehead has been tightened.
2. Nasolabial fold have been reduced by the tightening of the cheeck area.
3. Facial ovale has been recovered giving natural youthul look again.