Mesotherapy is a course of treatments reviving and highly rejuvenating  the skin.  It gives the skin a radiant glow and evens out small wrinkles and pigmentation spots. A special Mesotherapy Device is used to administer microinjections into the skin. The treatment is painless.  Mesotherapy can also be combined with other treatments such as laser to gain the maximum skin rejuvenating results.

A small thin needle is injected into the skin introducing vitamins, hyaluronic acid and various pharmaceuticals.  Amino Acids, minerals and antioxidants can also be used. The microinjections enable significantly higher concentrations to be delivered directly into the skin.  Also some ingredients that are unable to absorb into the skin can be injected. The effectiveness depends upon the ingredients used and their function on the skin. The tiny abrations caused by the needle stimulates the growth factors on the skin and enables skin renewal.

Mesobotox-treatment is used for lifting and firming the facial skin.

Mesotherapy is used to eliminate cellulite by targeting localized fat deposits and in this case the injection will be administered deeper into the tissue. Mesotherapy can reduce the size of the fat layer but it doesn’t replace liposuction. The best results can be achieved by combining mesotherapy with new VelaShape treatment, exercise and diet.